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Dr. Mark's Snakes, Tortoises and more!

Whether you're into slimey things that slither in the night, scaley things that crawl or tortoises that take their sweet time... this is the place for you. We've got many critter to sell PLUS this site offers a wealth of information simply by exploring our links below. Have Fun!

My Slimey List of Herp Links

Cool Herp Sites
A great overall site giving you lots of info
Snake Sites
Like the title says... snake sites!
Fun Facts about snakes
Did you know snakes can spell? They can't! But see what they can do.
Herp Pictures
Wanna know what that thing crawling across the living room rug is? Check this out.
Amazing Animal Facts
Cool animal facts - check out the snake section!

Dr. Mark Bohling

You can contact the good doctor at the following address
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