Dear Parents:

Our class has a unique opportunity to participate in a very interesting recycling project this year. Did you know that 20 pounds of worms can eat up to 10 pounds of common household "garbage" every single day? Better yet, that 10 pounds of garbage is turned into some of the best natural fertilizer on the planet (called "worm castings!

PROJECT: RECYCLE! can make it possible to help students learn about this new way to recycle our classroom and cafeteria waste.

Here's how PROJECT: RECYCLE! works. PROJECT: RECYCLE! matches up sponsors who are willing to donate the cost of a special Classroom Recycling Kit to a classroom such as ours. Included in this kit are: a special composting unit called the Can-O-Worms System, which is where the worms reproduce, live and turn our recyclable waste into something useful for the environment, 2 lbs. of hungry worms, a textbook on the subject of worm composting, a classroom workbook and a "Promote Global Worming" bumper sticker. WE NEED YOUR HELP!

If you would like to find out more, we invite you to visit the web site of the folks making this all possible. Please visit and click on PROJECT: RECYCLE! Kids For a Better Environment.

If you would like to sponsor our class by donating a Classroom Recycling Kit, you may do so via the Internet at the web site listed above, or simply by mailing this letter along with the cost of one Classroom Recycling Kit ($175.00) to:

1512 W. Whitendale Avenue
Visalia, CA 93277
(Ph) 209-738-9301
(Fax) 209-733-XXXX

Our class has already registered to receive a Classroom Recycling Kit. We just need a sponsor. If you are donating by mail or by fax, please fill in the information below. Credit cards or checks are accepted. Make checks payable to PROJECT: RECYCLE!

0 Yes. I would like to donate a Classroom Recycling Kit to:

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