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"Terrestrial Seasonings brightens your garden" - Robin Dembroff

"This is the best product to come out in years!" - Daniel Benoy

Terrestrial Seasonings is one of the best organic fertilizers available on the planet. It comes in a convenient cotton muslin bag suitable for making liquid fertilizer or using directly on the soil at the base of your plants.

These worm castings tea bags are available exclusively through the Happy D Ranch Worm Farm

Fresh worm castings have been known for years to be an excellent fertilizer for plants reducing pest damage and increasing growth and beauty of the plant. Castings have nutrients that are 97% utilizable by your plants and the castings have a mucous coating which allows the nutrients to "time release". Having this fertilizer available in a simple to use "tea bag" now makes this fertilizer readily available to gardeners and plant enthusiasts around the world.

One tea bag makes several quarts of high quality organic liquid fertilizer. The bags can also be put on the soil at the base of your plants so you can water right over the bag to produce excellent fertilizer directly to your indoor or outdoor plants.


1 3X5 bag.......... $1.75
6 pack of bags.... $9.00
1 dozen bags..... $12.00

Remember, you can't use too much vermicompost or castings on your plants. Worm castings have been compared to caviar: "Use as much as you can afford!"